Unresolved Problems of Form


2013, video, 4:41 minutes, music; 12 prints; wall painting

Jindřich Chalupecký Award: 2013 Final, National Gallery, Prague, 27. 9 – 1. 12. 2013

vocal Eva Pejkofski, sound Jakub  Jurásek


I have written twelve slogans expressing my disapproval of the state of the world. Each slogan has twelve syllables. I have set the slogans to music according to the rules of Schönberg’s method of dodecaphonic composition. For each slogan, I have composed a melody representing a separate twelve-tone row. Thus I have created twelve miniature compositions. Each composition has two parts. The first part is the prime series with the original text. The second part consists in the retrograde-inversion of the prime series, with the individual syllables of the text sung in reverse order. All twelve tones were matched with colour shades placed in specific positions within a circular field. I have based it on the scheme of correspondence between tones and colours created by Josef Matthias Hauer in collaboration with Johannes Itten. I have supplemented the visualization of music by a written version of the sung text. I have used the Bauhaus 93 typeface which is an imitation of Herbert Bayer’s typeface developed in 1920s for Bauhaus publications.