2013, murals, variable dimensions; 15 typed texts, 15 × 20 cm

Gallery of Young Artists, Brno, 28. 8. – 2. 10. 2013, curated by Zuzana Janečková


In one of his short stories, Albert Camus introduces a character of the artist who closed up to the world so that he could work undisturbed. His friends are not allowed to enter his studio until he reaches the edge of a break-down. They find nothing there, however, except for one canvass with a barely visible inscription which could be read both “solitaire” and “solidaire” (respectively translated as “I am alone” and “I am with you”). Let’s imagine this story being a component of the obligatory reading in a pioneer camp. Children discuss it during the reserved time within a full program directed at general cultivation of personality as a constitutive unit of a cohesive social whole. The program is largely composed of artistic and hobby activities: music, dance, declamation of poetry, clay-modelling, making magazines and bulletin-boards. The development of an individual stands in a perfect harmony with the life of a collective. Everyone can freely vent at his or her creativity in the field he or she likes at the moment, without thereby being put forward the others. Children can choose from various bees in the morning, fish in the afternoon, and criticize after dinner, just as they have a mind – for instance, about the relation between artist and society.


exhibition view, photo Gallery of Young Artists


texts, photo Gallery of Young Artists