Contemporary Czech Cubism



City Gallery Prague, 5. 3. – 13. 4. 2008

in collaboration with Vasil Artamonov


The show was a parody of idiotic curatorial approaches which judge and classify contemporary artistic practices according to superficial visual properties of artworks. By pointing to some randomly chosen “cubist”, “modernist” or simply geometrical elements in the work of approximately 40 artists, the fiction of a “return of cubism” in contemporary Czech art was constructed. The allusion to cubism was chosen as the least plausible at the time, so that the irony in the concept of the exhibition would be obvious. However, what was a sheer absurdity in 2008, has become a commonplace a few years later. In the most recent Czech art, formal elements of century old modernism has been used without any reflective distance as means of producing attractive objects. The “Contemporary Czech Cubism” thus has become a critical reflection of the present state avant la lettre.


exhibition view, photo City Gallery Prague