2015, video, 4:20 minutes, found footage from the film 13 Assassins (2010)

 Autonomy, PLATO, Ostrava, 9. 7. – 4. 10. 2015



Transcription of the text from the video


The thing must have an irreplaceable value; we have come such a long way to see it. And yet it seems at first that we have strained ourselves for nothing. It is only the second look that opens the thing to us in its entirety. It promises to satisfy the needs that we no longer dare to admit. It gives us a helping hand to reconcile with the fact that no-one can be helped. It shows us that there is nothing worth showing. It holds us in the consciousness of the unsustainability of what holds on to us so vehemently. It supports us in the suspicion that our standpoints have no support. It leads us to recognize that the steps we take lead nowhere. It breeds the diagnosis of sterility. It lends us its ear so that we can see that no-one will hear us. It gives expression to the expressionless outcome of our effort to express ourselves. It laughs in the face of everyone who would think that there is something to laugh about.