In the future…


2016, video, 04:54




In the future…

… you will see your own life from an outer space perspective.

Using cutting-edge methods, you will thus gain the ability to calculate down to thousands of decimal numbers the level of your own pettiness and insignificance.

Sharing your new life with others will make you homeless. You will start looking for your life and work spaces, which let you be alone with yourself, in any place that is not your home address – on trains, metros, in public libraries, coffee shops…

Owing to full automation, boring and degrading work shall be eliminated. Boredom and degradation will thus be relocated to the free time domain.

The only guilty thing about your guilty pleasures will be the fact that they will no longer constitute pleasure.

Your life will be governed by a particular form of temporality comprising a single moment: “it’s-too-late-now”.

You will never enjoy the present because you will have a plateful of preparation for various pleasures, however these will not arrive until you are no longer in the mood.

Never again will you have to fear extra body weight: for every day before breakfast your stomach will tighten with anxiety or anger, so that each bite feels like a heavy rock.

The deepest secret of your secret desires will be the fact that they are pretty much the same as anybody else’s.

The sweetest experiences you share with your friends will be the moments you confide in each other about your shame.

The celebrations of each new year of your life will be your way of mourning the possibilities you failed to fulfil in the previous year.

You will be relieved to say goodbye to the older generations’ revolutionary hedonism: for your laziness will not only prevent you from getting what you want; it won’t even let you want something in the first place.

Records of the years of staying still and hitting the wall will constitute the basis for the final calculation of your merit.

You shall never die. How else would you pay off your mortgage?